Cheesed off: Air New Zealand passengers grill airline over its inflight snacks

Air New Zealand is facing a grilling over concerns it has miscalculated the ratio of cheese-to-cracker for one of its inflight snack options.

The unsavoury revelation was brought to the attention of the airline by disgruntled customer Jeremy Chaston, who posted his complaint to Facebook on Thursday night.

"Your cheese to cracker ratio is completely out of whack," he wrote, accompanied by a photo showing two crackers dwarfed by their respective cheese slices.

"I mean I like cheese, I REALLY like cheese but often the best part of the cheese is having it accompanied by a firm and crisp cracker.

"I feel that there is sufficient cheese to justify at least four crackers!!"

The complaint quickly resonated with fellow Air New Zealand customers, with the post receiving more than 3000 "likes" in 12 hours.


Dear Air New Zealand, I am writing this as a matter of national concern. I have been having sleepless nights wondering...

Posted by Jeremy Chaston on Thursday, 21 May 2015



"Gouda on you for bringing it to their attention," wrote Sean Cresswell.

Others expressed concern that the airline may decide to reduce the cheese allowance instead of providing additional crackers.

Air New Zealand responded saying it appreciated the feedback and had passed the issue to its team to look into.

A scan of social media reveals it is not the first time the size of Air New Zealand's cheese slices have been called into question.

In November 2011, journalist Matt Chisholm wondered whether the excessive cheese provision was at the expense of regional flights.

"If Air NZ cut back on the cheese... there might be enough gas left in the tank for the wee places," he tweeted.

On the other hand, one Koru Club member recently expressed discontent at what he considered to be an over-supply of crackers at Auckland Airport.

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