Chernobyl tourism: Video explores the eerie abandoned city, 30 years after nuclear disaster

Chernobyl: inside the exclusion zone

Thirty years after the world's most notorious nuclear disaster, Chernobyl remains a desolate, yet offbeat tourist destination.

Three decades ago, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine sent a radioactive cloud across Europe. Within weeks, nearly 100,000 people who lived in a large zone surrounding the disaster site had been evacuated, never to return to the poisoned land.

Today, the relics of their past - hollowed-out hotels, empty swimming pools, crumbling farming villages and oxidized ferris wheels - stand in ghostly abandonment across a contaminated region larger than Rhode Island.

Videographer Jan Villalon explored the eerie, abandoned exclusion zone, which has become an attraction to some tourists.