Chipinque Ecological Park, Mexico: Hiker displays 'nerves of steel' taking selfie during encounter with black bear

A hiker has found fame after taking a selfie with a curious black bear in Mexico.

The incident took place on a trail in the Chipinque Ecological Park.

Videos show the woman, who was with a group, standing calmly next to the bear, who seems to sniff her hair while standing behind her. She then whips out her phone for a quick selfie.

A message on the video of the chance encounter said the hiker had "nerves of steel".

Another clip posted from a different angle has been seen more than six millions times.

It also shows the bear pawing at the woman a couple of times before she retreated.

Black bears are common in the Chipinque Ecological Park, and it is believed this particular bear may be used to human contact as it has a tag on its ear.


However, the park said on its website that "this type of approach by the black bear to the visitor is an abnormal behaviour ... the interaction shown in the video should have been avoided".

"Chipinque is a protected natural area, home to wild flora and fauna, so the sighting of mammals is not unusual."

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