The mine chimney at Kapunda Mine Site

Kapunda - Places to See

Historic copper mining town famous as the home and base of the 'cattle king', Sir Sidney Kidman
Kapunda is located 79 km north of Adelaide. It is a large and prosperous township which has enjoyed three clear periods of development - the period of copper mining, the period when it was the base for Sir Sidney Kidman's huge cattle operations, and the current period when it has become an important service centre for the surrounding rural area.

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A handsome 19th century store at the entrance ot Eudunda

Eudunda - Places to See

Quiet rural village famous as the birthplace of Colin Thiele
Eudunda is a town with plenty of charm and historic interest. What sustains the township is the attractive main street with its interesting historic buildings and vine-draped verandahs. Eudunda is located 115 km from Adelaide and is situated 416 metres above sea level. Its average annual rainfall of 460 mm indicates that this is land which is extremely vulnerable to droughts. Eudunda has been somewhat reinvigorated in recent years by means of some energetic marketing, new economic ventures in town, and the connection of Gunn St with Bruce St, thus creating a continuous shopping precinct.

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The broad main street of Laura

Laura - Places to See

Pleasant small township where Australian poet, C. J. Dennis, spent his childhood
When the evening sun slants through the gums,
By my forest-rimmed abode
Once more the old clear picture comes,
And my mind drifts down the road;
Back to the town by Beetaloo,
Where the rocky river strays;
Back to the old kind friends I knew
In the dear dead Laura days.

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The National Australia Bank

Jamestown - Places to See

Interesting service centre on the banks of the Belalie River.
Jamestown is located 209 km north of Adelaide, and 456 metres above sea level, in the heart of some of South Australia's most productive agricultural land. The traveller's first site of Jamestown are the grain bulk handling facilities at the railhead which stand out against the nearby low lying hills. The town itself is characterised by wide tree-lined streets with the main street being so wide that it seems like a town square. It has parking in the centre of the street. On either side of the street are a number of prominent buildings including the National Australia Bank (1885), the Belalie Hotel (1877) and the Commercial Hotel (1877).

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The Antiques Shop

Mintaro - Places to See

Superbly preserved historic town on the eastern edge of the Clare Valley.
Located 126 km from Adelaide, Mintaro is a thoroughly charming and largely untouched historic town lying to the east of the Clare Valley. It has the great benefit of being removed from the Main North Road and consequently has missed the inevitable changes that occur on transportation routes.

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A vineyard in the Clare Valley


Southern gateway to the Clare Valley

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Roseworthy College with John Ridley's statue in the foreground


Home of the famous Roseworthy Agricultural College
Located 51 km north of Adelaide and 7 km north of Gawler, Roseworthy is a tiny and unimportant little rural township in an area which was originally inhabited by the Kaurna Aborigines. In 1855 W. H. Gartrell purchased land in the district. He died soon afterwards and his widow, Mrs Grace Gartrell, laid out a small township in 1867 in the hope that it would become a centre of some significance. She was capitalising on the railway which had just been completed and which ran between Gawler and Kapunda. Mrs Gartrell called the town Roseworthy after the village where she was born in Cornwall.

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An old tractor in Centenary Park


Small rural service centre
Spalding is located 171 km from Adelaide and is a pleasant, small town located in a little patch of green in the desert which is the northern part of South Australia in summer. It is 43 km from the historic copper township of Burra. The road from Burra to Spalding passes through undulating land. The most distinctive feature of the road is that for a number of kilometres it is bounded on one side by a gas pipeline and on the other side by a canal. This is a very isolated area.

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