Adventure islands ... sailing in New Caledonia.

Playgrounds in the tropics

Keep the kids amused and intrigued with some thrill-seeking fun in places you'll reach before you hear the first 'are we there yet?'.

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Even closer ... the Te Vakaroa Villas in the Cook Islands

Battle of the beaches

Direct flights are driving prices down as resorts compete for Australian business, writes Jane E. Fraser.

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Cook Islands Single Woman

Tiny island, big heart

Craig Tansley returns to Mitiaro after 30 years and finds his childhood memories of carefree days and heart-warming hospitality unchanged.

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Rarotonga's rugged hinterland.

Cook's tour of paradise

Carol West finds a food scene that's sizzling, thanks to a fusion of global trends and local produce.

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Settled on the simple life

In a place with a violent warrior past, Carol West mixes with easygoing locals armed only with necklaces and tasty cakes.

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Have villa, will party

Attention, Elton John: the Cook Islands are open for weddings, parties, anything, writes Erin O'Dwyer.

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All hail the lagoon show

Besides its spectacular lagoon, Aitutaki is an island of simple pleasures, Carol West writes.

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