Coolgardie - Fast Facts

Fascinating and beautifully maintained major gold mining town
Located 558 km east of Perth and 425 m above sea level, Coolgardie announces to the world that it is a 'ghost town' in spite of the fact that it now has a healthy life as a tourist destination and it has a population of nearly 2000 people.

It is, by any measure, a remarkable town. Today it is still haunted by the memories of its glorious gold mining past. The main street, Bayley Street, is still wide enough for a camel train to turn around. It is still lined with imposing nineteenth century buildings - old hotels, clubs, banks and office blocks - which stand in some kind of strange loneliness waiting for the crowds to once again throng outside and the town to come alive with the shouting and enthusiasm of thousands of miners.

Coolgardie Tourist Information Centre
62 Bayley St
Coolgardie WA 6429
Telephone: (08) 9026 6090
Facsimile: (08) 9026 6008