Wildflowers inland from Horrocks Beach

Horrocks - Places to See

Horrocks and Horrocks Beach
Sleepy little holiday village popular with people wanting to escape from the city and more boisterous holiday destinations.
Located 22 km west of Northampton and 496 km north of Perth, Horrocks is the northernmost of a series of tiny holiday-fishing villages which lie on the coast of the Central West region. It is a village which has been untouched by modernity with simple fibro holiday houses, streets which have evolved out of the sand dunes, and a simplicity of life which recalls the 1950s rather than the 1990s.

  • Contains:
The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park

Cervantes - Places to See

Cervantes (including The Pinnacles)
Quiet fishing village near the remarkable Pinnacles
Located 245 km north of Perth, Cervantes is a pleasant, rather underdeveloped, fishing village and holiday destination with three jetties, a very good motel, a caravan park and a rock lobster processing plant.

  • Contains:
The main street at Northampton

Northampton - Places to See

Attractive town on the edge of the wheatbelt.
Located 52 km north of Geraldton and 474 km north of Perth via the Brand Highway, Northampton is a small and attractive town in undulating country on the edge of the wheat belt.

  • Contains:
The Presentation Convent, Greenough Village

Greenough - Places to See

Greenough (including Walkaway)
One of the most interesting historic towns in Australia
Located 24 km south of Geraldton and 400 km north of Perth (via the Brand Highway), Greenough is one of the most interesting historical towns in Australia. Claimed by some to be the country's best preserved nineteenth century town, this small settlement has enough buildings of interest to keep the enthusiast busy for at least a day.

  • Contains:
Shell House Gorge, south of Kalbarri

Kalbarri - Places to See

Kalbarri (including Kalbarri National Park and the Hutt River Province)
Exceptionally beautiful and interesting town in the heart of one of Western Australia's most beautiful National Parks.
Located 586 km north of Perth, Kalbarri is a delightful tourist and fishing village surrounded by one of the most beautiful regions of wildflowers in Australia.

  • Contains:
The port with the reef behind it at Port Gregory

Port Gregory

Port Gregory
Unusual and fascinating small seaside town
Located 47 km west of Northampton, Port Gregory is a fascinating small settlement where history, fishing, wheat lands and 'getting away from it all' holidaying all mingle.

  • Contains:
St Francis Xavier Cathedral


Geraldton (including Chapman Valley and Houtman Abrolhos)
Attractive and substantial seaside resort town.
Located 424 km north of Perth (via the Brand Highway), Geraldton is the largest town in the Central West region and one of the most attractive centres in Western Australia. It has the double advantage of being the seaside resort for the wheat farmers from the dry hinterland and, with an average of 8 hours sunshine every day, being Western Australia's most popular winter resort. Equally, while small townships like Cervantes, Jurien and Port Gregory have lobster fleets, Geraldton has the largest lobster fleet on the west coast.

  • Contains:
Port Denison with a fig tree

Dongara - Places to see

Dongara is located 359 km north of Perth on the Brand Highway and 428 km via the Midlands Road.

  • Contains: