Coronavirus and travel: Travellers to Cambodia will have to pay $4300 COVID deposit

Travellers wishing to visit Cambodia will have to pay a $4300 "Covid-19 deposit" upon arrival after the south-east Asian country reportedly introduced strict new entry requirements.

According to the Independent, foreign travellers will be required to pay a deposit in either cash or through a credit card to cover the costs of Covid-19 testing, medical treatment and accommodation. The deposit will be returned after various deductions.

A small portion of that deposit will go towards paying for a Covid-19 test at a facility near the airport, as well as one night's accommodation while waiting for the results.

But the fees will be steep if another passenger on the plane tests positive, as everyone on the same flight will be required to serve 14 days in a government-approved quarantine facility. They will also have to pay for a second test.

If the traveller themselves tests positive, they could have to undergo up to four tests and pay for treatment at a hospital in the capital, Phnom Penh.

In the unfortunate situation where the traveller dies from the virus, they will be charged almost $2158 in cremation fees.

As of Wednesday, Cambodia has reported 128 confirmed cases of Covid-19. 125 of those have recovered. 

Its tourist industry has been one of the worst affected regions of Southeast Asia, with visitor numbers to Angkor Wat down by almost 100 per cent from 2019.

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