Coronavirus, Japan: What quarantined passengers are doing on board cruise ship Diamond Princess

Usually, the Diamond Princess cruise ship is a bustling haven for holidaymakers. But since the ship was quarantined amid the coronavirus outbreak it has turned into a ghost ship, or as some passengers described it, a "floating prison".

It entered its eighth day of quarantine on Wednesday.

The virus stopped the ship from disembarking in Yokohama, Japan, over a week ago, and more than 130 passengers had since been confirmed to have the virus.

Life on the quarantined ship is far from luxurious. Here are some of the realities.


They might be stuck inside their rooms, but they've still got to eat. Passengers have been providing updates on social media, sharing photos of their breakfast - black coffee, eggs, croissants, muffins and fruit. 

Staff were also delivering various food items to passengers, such as instant noodles, bottles of water, and vitamins. 


But don't think it's all packaged food and snacks, some have been eating like kings and queens with beef salads, curries, and cake on the menu. They were even given choices for lunch and dinner.

"Princess stepping up its game with food service," one Twitter user wrote. "You might have to drag me off the ship when the quarantine ends."

Food was beginning to be served in disposable containers, as opposed to plates and bowls.

Despite all the food, alcohol supplies were running low, according to some passengers. 


Several groups confined to their room with children received activity books and games to keep them occupied. 

One passenger shared a photo of the puzzle page, quiz and word search they received. 

Others were given colouring in pencils and Uno.

Unfortunately, passengers weren't able to just surf the internet all day and binge watch Netflix, as connection wasn't great at times and access was limited.

They did, however, get to watch the Oscars.


Although they were stuck in their room on a cruise ship for over a week, passengers appeared to be in good spirits. 

Some wrote messages of gratitude to the crew helping them, others politely requested more coffee. 

Others got moving on the deck during their designated time out of the room.