Coronavirus lockdown and animals: Chico the sloth meets excited dolphins at Texas aquarium

The coronavirus lockdown has resulted in an unexpectedly happy meeting at a US aquarium. 

Three-year-old Chico the sloth got to meet many species during a tour of Texas State Aquarium, but by far the best reaction came from the dolphins, who seemed over-the -moon by their furry visitor.

They even seemed to imitate Chico's upside-down appearance.


Photo: Texas State Aquarium

"Liko and Schooner were very curious, and Liko was even inspired to attempt an upside-down sloth impression!" the aquarium said on Facebook.

It is not the first time that animals have been brought on a tour.

"We frequently give the animals a chance to 'meet' each other as a form of enrichment," the aquarium said.


Photo: Texas State Aquarium


"As some of our most popular animals, it seemed an obvious choice for our sloths and dolphins to get a chance to see each other while we were temporarily closed," reported Bored Panda.

Just last month, staff at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago decided to let a few waddling residents out of their enclosures for a field trip.

Some of the penguins went on a field trip to meet other animals at Shedd. Wellington seemed most interested in the fishes in Amazon Rising! The black-barred silver dollars also seemed interested in their unusual visitor.

The aquarium shared videos on Twitter of three penguins checking out exhibits from the other side of the glass.

"Without guests in the building, caretakers are getting creative in how they provide enrichment to animals," the aquarium said in a statement. "Introducing new experiences, activities, foods and more to keep them active, encourage them to explore, problem-solve and express natural behaviours."

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