Countries with the worst and best reputations in 2016: Most Reputable Countries 2016 report

Sweden has been ranked the country with the best reputation for 2016, with Australia named among the top five in a recent report.

The Most Reputable Countries 2016 report by the Reputation Institute, an international consultancy and an advisory firm, examines 16 different factors, including an appealing environment, being a safe place to visit, progressive policies, an effective government, an advanced economy and having friendly and welcoming citizens, to generate the RepTrak index which ranks the world's most well-thought-of countries.

Sweden was voted as the nation with the best reputation this year, overtaking Canada which held the top spot last year, in an online survey completed by 48,000 residents in the G8 countries (the world's eight leading industrialised nations), the results informing the findings published in the report. A total of 55 countries were rated as part of the survey.

The Scandinavian nation, well-known for its Viking history, cross-country skiing and their love of hanging in saunas with a dozen or so of their closest mates, was ranked number one for six key reasons. They included: being a peaceful place to live, a great place for families (the country offers 16 months of parental leave and free day care services); the country invests in green living; economic growth is favourable; it's a safe country for women; there is high transparency in the media and its beautiful nature and fresh air make it an appealing environment to live.

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Australia wasn't far behind, coming in at No.4 behind Canada and Switzerland, after climbing one spot from No.5 which it held for the previous two years.

Australia ranked highly for its safety, security and peacefulness , its openness and willingness to engage in investment, and its well-educated and reliable workforce. Australia's appealing lifestyle and effective government were also factors. It was one of only three non-European countries to make the top 10.

Australia's high ranking can be attributed to factors including universal and high-quality health care and a government-funded tertiary education. Australia's move to ban firearms in the 1990s has helped to reduce gun violence and improve the feeling of safety and security. Sydney has been named the world's friendliest cities for tourists, Melbourne has been ranked one of the world's most liveable cities and Canberra has been ranked by the OECD as one of the best places to live in the world.

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Norway rounds up the top five countries, with Finland (No.6), New Zealand (No.7), Denmark (No.8), Ireland (No.9) and The Netherlands (No.10).

France recorded with the largest jump in reputation for 2016, despite a series of terrorist attacks (the report was complied before the Nice attacks). The report cites that the sense of unity in France after the Charlie Hebdo shootings and Paris attack didn't affect respondents' willingness to visit and live in the country.

Turkey recorded the largest drop in reputation – the country has experience two major bombings in Istanbul, one in January and a second one in March – which has reportedly lead to 50 per cent decline in holiday bookings over the past year.

The Most Reputable Countries 2016 report examines the emotional and rational reputation of a country with the aim of quantifying the concept of the world's most well-thought-of countries within an index.

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The countries with the best reputation for 2016

  1. Sweden
  2. Canada
  3. Switzerland
  4. Australia
  5. Norway
  6. Finland
  7. New Zealand
  8. Denmark
  9. Ireland
  10. The Netherlands

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