Narromine (and Tomingley)
Attractive service town located on the Macquarie River.
Narromine is located near the Macquarie River at the eastern edge of the vast western plains of NSW. It is 39 km west of Dubbo and 458 km north-west of Sydney, at the junction of the Mitchell and Newell Highways, 235 metres above sea-level. The current population is 3500. The Narromine silo, owned by the New South Wales Grain Corporation, dominates the town. Wheat, citrus, fruit, vegetables, fat lambs, wool and especially cotton are the economic focus of the shire.

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Nyngan (and Canonba)
Pleasant country town and service centre on the Bogan River
Nyngan is a country town of some 2500 people, situated by the Bogan River on the eastern edge of the Great Outback. It is located on the Mitchell Highway between Narromine and Bourke, 583 km north-west of Sydney and 173 metres above sea-level. The Barrier Highway also starts at Nyngan, heading west to Cobar. Wool, wheat and cattle are the primary local produce in what is a very productive pastoral and agricultural shire.

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Friendly ghouls ... (clockwise from main) a carnival float at the Festival of Fisher's Ghost; Studley Park House;

A spook in the house

At a ramshackle mansion, Lance Richardson flicks on his torch and wanders the hallways in a hunt for ghosts.

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Eat, play, love it ... Young is host to all things cherry next month.

A summer of pip stops

From harvest festivals to street car cred, Lee Atkinson explores some crowd-pleasing events.

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