COVID-19 pandemic travel tips: What you should pack if you're travelling

A little preparation goes a long way, and COVID-19 calls for a fresh look at your travel kit because a few simple items will help keep you safe, and more comfortable if you do fall ill.

P2 masks, often classified as N95 or KN95 masks in other countries, are a more effective defence against COVID-19 than surgical masks. They're a tighter fit, they're woven from multiple layers of synthetic material, they're more breathable and more comfortable to wear for long periods, which you'll appreciate on a long plane trip. Some regions, such as Bavaria, have mandated the use of these masks, which it classifies as FFP2 masks, in shops and on public transport.

Fever is one of the symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19 and paracetamol is the preferred treatment in most cases, provided you have no chronic liver disease. Ibuprofen might also be effective if it has provided relief from fever in the past. You also need to stay hydrated and hydration tablets will help.

Pack a digital thermometer. If your temperature rises above 38 degrees you should seek medical attention. Another medical aid you might consider is a pulse oximeter, a compact digital device that measures blood oxygen levels.

That can be crucial in detecting COVID-19 since some asymptomatic sufferers experience drastically reduced blood oxygen levels which might not manifest until they're taken to ICU and put on a ventilator. According to Australian guidelines, seek medical advice if oxygen saturation levels fall to 92 per cent at rest.

If you or anyone in your party contracts COVID-19 you need to monitor symptoms and Health Direct has a handy symptom checker ( that will tell you what steps to take, for example if you or someone you're with becomes breathless or if they experience chest pain or pressure.

Anyone with a chronic medical condition such as asthma or high blood pressure should consult their doctor to work out what medications are safe, as well as establishing a treatment plan in case of infection.