Crisis cocktails help drown economic sorrows

Bernard Madoff's alleged US$50 billion fraud may have left a bitter taste in the mouths of thousands of wealthy investors, but in this corner of Chile's capital, the US financier is the toast of the town.

A swank bar near Santiago's financial center has tailored its cocktail menu to reflect the global crisis, cutting its prices and coming up with new fruity blends with names like the Subprime, In Recession, Pyramid (scheme), Bailout and Greed.

Among its "Crisis Menu" best-sellers? The Madoff Nectar -- a blend of rum, fresh melon juice, triple sec, evaporated milk, syrup and crushed ice.

"The 'Crisis Menu' was a humorous way to say, 'Why not do something fun with what is happening today, the global crisis, economics,'" said Felipe Farias, a chef at the Catedral bar and grill.

The drinks cost 2800 pesos (A$6.95), a discount of nearly $1 on the price of the bar's regular cocktails.

"The crisis names grab your attention straight away ... and the price is good too," said bank executive Angelica Quezada, 38, sipping a "Down Jones" -- a mix of peach and orange ice-cream and vodka.