Trevi Fountain, 
 Rome, Italy.

From classics to rock'n'roll

Europe is bursting with brilliant options, from grand cities to fairytale scenery and magical music tours, writes Michael Gebicki.

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A giraffe joins the annual Wildebeest migration.

Do travel agents share their secret hideaways?

The ritual occurs every time I plan a holiday: I sit at a desk, opposite a travel agent, who tries hard to persuade me that this or that destination is my best possible choice.

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Croatia nude

Nakations: Croatia offers tourists 'nude paradise'

Three quarters of a century after a "royal skinny dip" made it a pioneering nudist destination, Croatia is striving to attract more of the world's growing army of "nakationers".

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Water under the bridge ... the Hungarian parliament building in Budapest.

Down the Danube

Margaret Turton takes a river cruise laced with spies, revolution and royalty.

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Displays of disaffection ... visitors look at the exhibits.

Loves me not

The tragedy and comedy of broken relationships are chronicled in Zagreb, writes David Whitley.

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Beauty spots ... the bridge diving competition off the Stari Most in Mostar.

Aboard the peace train

Andrew West travels by rail through the Balkans and finds beauty and new life along with the scars of war.

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