Cuba, Havana, Old Havena- Habana Vieja quarter classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, colourful facade. Photograph by ...

Viva la evolution

From cigars to salsa, Steve McKenna is seduced by hedonism, Havana style.

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The cradle of revolution

Lydia Bell discovers the frontier towns and bold landscapes that helped shape a nation are as wild as ever.

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Flashback ... historic Camaguey.

Into the revolution heartland

Leaving behind the bright lights of Havana, Lydia Bell journeys down Cuba's rural backroads, where life has changed little in centuries.

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Upturned bike on beach, Cuba

World's top 10 greatest cycling routes

There's no better way to explore a place than by bike. Lonely Planet names the top 10 trips that should be on every cyclist's wish list.

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Island home ... schoolchildren at the city's Basilica del Cobre.

Heart of the revolution

With backpacks and beer, Dervla Murphy and her family head south to the nation's 'other' capital: Santiago de Cuba.

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