David Whitley

David Whitley is a freelance travel writer based in the UK. He has a taste for unusual experiences and oddities with a great story behind them.

Luna Park, Sydney.

The 10 mediocre attractions that become great when you have kids

When children come along, most adult ideas of what makes a great holiday fly out of the window. Preventing the little monkeys from continually moaning becomes the all-consuming driving force behind travel choices. And some things you'd ordinarily overlook become mighty tempting, including…

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R0H6T8 Calm waters fo Parramatta river flowing between Inner West suburbs of Sydney connected by Gladesville bridge in ...

Australia's 10 best ferry rides

You might not get the buffets and cabaret shows on board one of Australia's ferries – but pick the right route, and you can cram in some tremendous scenery. These ten Aussie ferry rides offer considerably more than transport from A to B.

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Makepeace Island, Noosa.

Australia's ten unsung inland islands

Unsung, in Australia's lakes and rivers, are a host of inland islands that also have something to offer. Here are ten of them that are worth your time.

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