Fresh is best ... local produce at the monthly Lancefield and District Farmers' Market.

Down to earth

Kristin Lee samples the town hosting its agricultural show.

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Antique Centre of Victoria

Lancefield - Places to See

Small township in the geographic heart of Victoria.
Lancefield is a small and charming town of about 1000 people which is situated in a rolling agricultural landscape at the geographic centre of Victoria. The High Street boasts a central plantation full of evergreens and there are a number of intact 19th-century buildings which present an attractive streetscape.

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A fountain near the main street in Daylesford

Daylesford - Culture and History

Daylesford (and Blampied)
Pleasant historic town famed for its mineral waters.
Daylesford, the home of distinguished cartoonist Michael Leunig, is a resort town situated on a ridge which is over 600 metres above sea-level. It is located 111 km north-west of Melbourne and 45 km north-east of Ballarat. The mountain scenery, forestry and recreation areas contribute to the town's relaxing air. At the peak of Daylesford's formative goldrush there were many Italians and Swiss living here and their influence on the gardens and architecture has been profound; bestowing upon the town a European feel.

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