Diamond Bridge, Georgia: Record-breaking 280-metre-high glass bridge with diamond-shaped bar launches after three years

The world's latest nail-biting glass suspension bridge to open stands out with its own hanging, diamond-shaped bar in the centre.

Located a two-hour drive west of Georgia's capital Tbilisi, Tsalka Canyon Diamond Bridge is 240 metres long and sits 280 metres, at its highest point, above the canyon floor.

The project was conceived and designed by Israel-and-Georgia-based design firm Kass Group, part of the Georgian government's Tsalka Canyon nature reserve development.

The bridge took about three years to construct, with at least a year spent testing the materials to see how seasonal conditions affected the bridge.

The striking central glass bar – the project's crown jewel – is also eyeing a Guinness World Record title, following a bid to be named the world's largest and tallest free-hanging structure.

The project's head designer at Kass Group, Timer Mor Yosef, previously spoke about the diamond-shaped bar's concept, taking inspiration from the shape of the canyon.

"The aim was to create an extreme, exciting, and unforgettable moment that would arouse all five senses of the guests and will manage to stay imprinted in their memory," he told Georgian Journal.

"The idea came up from the V-like shape of the canyon. Right and left walking parts of the canyon perfectly connect through the bridge that looks down on the ancient rocks, plants, and river.


"From the height of the bridge, the river looks like a thin, blue line. While planning the project, we took the size of the V-shaped canyon and turned it into a diamond shape, which will be a resting place on the bridge. The tip of the diamond is pointing right at the river running underneath it," said Yosef.

The diamond bar features multiple levels, letting patrons enjoy a drink with panoramic views of the lush surrounding reserve and river below.

Thrill-seekers can also ride across the canyon on a bike attached to a zip line.

The bridge's diamond-shaped bar and parallel bicycle zip line were designed as unique attractions to lure international visitors to the region.

When completed, the development is set to feature eco pathways, visitors centres, hotels, pools and structures to host large events, at a cost of almost $59 million (120 million Georgian Lari).

The launch of the new Georgia attractions is well timed, as the nation drops remaining COVID-19 entry requirements.

The launch of Diamond Bridge also comes almost a month after the opening of the world's longest suspension bridge, the Czech Republic's Sky Bridge 721, on May 22. The record-breaking bridge's opening has been marred by the recent death of a 57-year-old man, who is said to have suffered a heart attack while crossing the tourist attraction. The incident was made public on Instagram by emergency physician Marek Dvořák.

Located in the Czech village of Dolní Morava, 200 kilometres east of Prague, the record-breaking bridge stretches 721 metres across the Mlýnické Valley.