Dunalley - Places to See

Tasman Monument
In the centre of the town, just before the Dunalley High School, is a sign which points visitors to the Tasman Monument. This monument, which is near the town jetty, is a convenient substitute for the more important monument located at Tasman Bay and virtually inaccessible by anything other than boat. It was at Tasman Bay, near Cape Paul Lamanon, that Abel Tasman and his crew became the first Europeans to land on Tasmania. It was here that Tasman sent his carpenter, Visscher, to name the territory Van Diemen's Land after the Governor of Batavia. Neither Tasman nor his hapless carpenter had any idea that they were claiming a small island.

The monument in Dunalley recalls the same event 'This monument was erected by the Government of Tasmania in 1942 to commemorate the tercentenary of the discovery of this island in 1642 by Hon. Abel Jans Tasman'. Fortunately it is more conveniently located than the monument beyond the mouth of Blackman's Bay.

Other Attractions
Apart from the monument and some attractive views across Blackman's Bay there is little in Dunalley. The attractive St Martins Church is located on the hill above the town.