View across the river looking towards Orford

Orford - Places to See

Quiet township on the Prosser River opposite Maria Island
Orford is a pleasant holiday town located on the Prosser River 81 km north east from Hobart and directly across the water from Maria Island. Like Triabunna, which is only 9 km north, it is an ideal destination for people wishing to stay in the area before making the trip over to Maria Island. The ferry terminal is about 6 km north of the town.

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View from the Commissariat Store to the Asst. Superintendant's Quarters (1849)

Maria Island - Places to See

Maria Island
Lonely and historically significant island off the east coast.
Maria Island is steeped in history. This wild and rugged island which is over 20 km long and 13 km wide is characterised by sheer cliffs tumbling into the sea, jagged rocky outcrops (Mount Maria rises to 710 m and 'the Bishop and Clerk' reaches 915 m), extensive fossil deposits and interesting ruins of the nineteenth century penal settlement.

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St Peter's Anglican Church

Fingal - Places to See

Quiet and attractive rural town
The beauty of the Fingal district has been an inspiration to a number of writers and poets. James McAuley, who spent a lot of time on Tasmania's east coast, wrote of Fingal in his poem 'Fingal Valley'.

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Looking south along the coast from the blowhole at Falmouth

Falmouth - Places to See

Tiny village on the east coast.
Falmouth is an attractive and tiny, rather up market, village on the Tasmanian east coast 202 km south east of Launceston and 242 km north east of Hobart. In one sense it almost doesn't feel like a town at all. It is more like a collection of attractive houses on a cliff top with excellent views along the coastline.

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The harbour with fishing boats at Bicheno.


Attractive and charming seaside resort town
Located 176 km south east of Launceston and 182 km north east of Hobart (via the Tasman Highway), Bicheno is a charming seaside resort town noted for its good motels, its excellent fishing facilities, its safe and attractive beaches and its interesting coastal walks which include some superb rocky outcrops and spectacular blowholes.

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The Chinese sectin of the Moorina Cemetery


Weldborough (including Moorina)
Tiny village near one of Australia's most spectacular displays of tree ferns
This tiny settlement which is located 124 km north-east of Launceston is notable, more than anything else, for its exceptional pub - the Weldborough Hotel - and the Weldborough Pass where huge tree ferns grow on either side of the road.

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Tunbridge Manor


Historic coaching town on the Midland Highway
Originally known as Tunbridge Wells (after the famous English spa town), Tunbridge is a small town located 92 km from Launceston and 107 km from Hobart. It has been by-passed by the main Midland Highway and consequently has a quiet charm well removed from the urgency of the highway.

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Fishing boats are launched from tractors which drive down the beach at Tomahawk


Quiet beach resort on the north coast
It is one of the peculiarities of Tasmania's north coast that the beach resort towns to the east of the Tamar River are sleepy and unassuming. The resort towns between Devonport and Smithton are more highly developed and more popular. This has more to do with access to the beaches rather than the quality of the destinations. A town like Tomahawk, which is so quiet it has little more than a caravan park and a general store, is in the heart of a coastal country characterised by superb beaches, dramatic sand dunes and attractive, isolated countryside. It is an ideal destination for people wishing to escape from the hurly burly and have a peaceful holiday walking on the beach, swimming or fishing.

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