Emotional support duck Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt helps owner through fear of flying

Daniel Turducken Stinkerbutt made one giant flight for duck-kind and leapt into the world's hearts by doing it.

Daniel the duck is an emotional support animal for 37-year-old Carla Fitzgerald, who has been battling post-traumatic stress disorder ever since a bad accident in 2013.

Now he's made the world's media quackers after accompanying Fitzgerald on two flights - one from her hometown of Milwaukee to Charlotte, North Carolina, and one from Charlotte to Asheville, North Carolina.

"Everyone just took notice of him and fell in love," Fitzgerald told ABC.

"I mean, he's an adorable, funny and sweet little guy. He was very well behaved at the airport and during the flight.

"I think his little red shoes and Captain America diaper were also really well received," she added with a laugh.

It was Fitzgerald's first time flying since the 2013 accident and she was incredibly nervous but Daniel's "hugs and kisses" gave her the confidence to get her through, she told ABC.


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