Etihad to offer pyjamas to passengers in economy class

If you've ever looked with envy at passengers in the pointy end relaxing in their airline-branded pyjamas, you'll now get the chance to join them, even in economy class.

While Singapore Airlines and Emirates recently made headlines with the launch of new, ultra-luxury first-class suites for their planes, rival UAE carrier Etihad has announced it is putting a new focus on economy-class passengers.

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The airline will offer economy passengers Christian Lacroix-branded sleepwear, along with a range of other amenities normally restricted to business and first-class flyers.

There is a catch though: unlike those flying in the premium classes, economy passengers will have to pay extra to enjoy the luxurious amenities.

The pyjamas will set you back $US35 ($46.50), while a Christian Lacroix amenity kit with Omorovicza products costs $US22.

Economy-class passengers will also be able to drink top-class champagne and coffee, but these too will come at a price. A glass of Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut is $US8.

The items will be offered on the airline's longest hauls, excluding US flights.

In recent years Etihad has gained more attention for its offerings to high-end travellers. In 2014 the airline unveiled The Residence –  a three-room suite on its Airbus A380s consisting of a living area with couch and television, a bedroom with double bed and a private bathroom.

The ultra-luxury suite, of which there is only one per aircraft, also comes with a personal butler. A flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi in The Residence can cost more than $27,000.

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