Eucla - Places to See

The Old Telegraph Station
The Old Telegraph Station itself is located to the south of the town (clearly signposted) and when, after driving some 5 km, you reach the end of the road and are presented with beautiful, mountainous white sand dunes (and no sign to the station) take your bearings on the one tree which appears above the sand dunes and start walking towards the sea. The tree is located no more than 50 metres from the Old Telegraph Station.

Koonalda Cave
Nearby (ask at the roadhouse or police station for directions) is Koonalda Cave with a huge 40 metre entrance into a 20 metre drop which eventually goes to a lake over 100 metres below the surface of the Nullarbor. There are ladders and walkways but the entrance to the cave is dangerous and entry should only be attempted by experienced speleologists.