Evans Head - Fast Facts

Evans Head
Holiday resort destination on the Evans River.
Evans Head is a tiny little coastal fishing village located 6 metres above sea-level at the mouth of the Evans River. It is 727 km north-east of Sydney between Iluka and Ballina and 11 km south-east of Woodburn.

The territory around Evans Head is low-lying country apart from the picturesque headland which rises on the far side of the Evans River. There are 6 km of safe surfing beaches, some fine coastal scenery, sandy river flats, a camping area, caravan parks, guest houses, motels and the possibility of rock, beach and ocean fishing.

The majority of the town's permanent population are retirees fleeing the rat race. Recent development was adamantly opposed on the grounds that it would destroy the simplicity of the local lifestyle. It is true that, in comparison to some of the towns on the coast, Evans Head retains an unspoilt charm reflected in its old-style fibro and wood houses and a shopping centre devoid of supermarkets and malls.