Evans Head - Places to See

Razorback Lookout
Razorback Lookout offers quite magnificent panoramic views of the area. On a clear day the Cape Byron Lighthouse can be seen to the north. Broadwater National Park lies behind the coastline to the immediate north. Canefields are evident, along with the smoke from the sugar mill at Broadwater. Behind Evans Head is the airport and the southern hinterland is taken up by Bundjalung National Park.

To get to the lookout, cross the bridge over the Evans River at the bottom of Elm St, turn left and follow the riverbank past the boat harbour. This road, which becomes Ocean Drive, bends to the right and then a short side road heads off to the left, up to the lookout.

Bundjalung National Park
If, instead, you cross the bridge and turn to your right, the dirt road leads to Gumma Garra Picnic Area on the banks of the Evans River in Bundjalung National Park which was named after the Bundjalung Aborigines who once occupied this land, leaving a number of middens to attest to that fact. Today the entire area is recognised as Bundjalung country.

Bundjalung covers 17 000 hectares, including 38 km of beaches, and its ecosystems range from rainforest through heathland, coastal cypress stands, lagoons and wetlands to coastal plains. It is home to 205 bird, 30 mammal, 38 reptile and 13 amphibian species. However, the area to the south is inaccessible from Evans Head as an intervening section is used by the RAAF. For further information ring the Lismore office of the NPWS, tel: (02) 6627 0200.

Broadwater National Park
Broadwater National Park covers 3800 ha, including 8 km of beach frontage. It contains many large sand dunes dating back about 60 000 years ago and ridges formed by the cementation of wind-blown sands on existing rocks. Covered largely by heath and wetland, the park bursts into colour at springtime with the assistance of a multitude of wildflowers. There are many bird species in the park, together with wallabies, echidnae, bandicoots, possums and bush rats.

The Bundjalung people held initiation ceremonies until 1922 at a bora ring which was located in what is now part of the park, to the east of Broadwater township.

From Evans Head, the Broadwater Road (sealed) heads northwards through the park. About 1.5 km along this road you can see, to the right, the signposted start of the Salty Lagoon Walking Track which leads to an unusual wetland area in the scrub behind the sand dunes where birdlife is profuse.

About four more kilometres along the Broadwater Road, a gravel road heads off to the right to Broadwater Lookout, from whence there is a short walking track.

For further information ring the Lismore office of the NPWS on (02) 6627 0200.