Expert Opinion, Christine Manfield: Which food destination excites you the most?

Christine Manfield is one of Australia's most highly regarded chefs, an author of eight successful books and a gastronomic traveller who hosts regular bespoke tours to India, Asia and other exotic locations.  

Q. Which food destination excites you more than any other? 

A. It changes from year to year, but my favourite food destination du jour is London, a city defined by its waves of immigrants, a crossroads to the world for business and global travellers alike, whose food culture has come of age.

London's food scene exudes excitement, vibrancy and diversity, it ticks all the boxes and panders to every taste. Restaurant menus reflect imagination, creativity and depth, that was not part of the vernacular 15 years ago.

There has been an explosion of creativity, business acumen and daring. I am particularly partial to the East End - lively, hip and happening with many more restaurants opening here than the West End over the past year. It's the current zeitgeist of London's restaurant culture.

I love exploring the back streets and discovering new hidden gems. Menus champion the regional provenance of ingredients, from casual to fine dining and the scope of choice from established classic stalwarts to contemporary newcomers is mind boggling. No visit is ever long enough, there is so much to take in, and taste.