Expert opinion, Hayley Morris: What's the attraction of women-only tours?

A pioneer in women-only travel, Hayley Morris, founder of Sisterhood Womens Travel, has built up a community of adventure-loving women over the past 11 years.  

Q: What's the attraction of women-only tours?

: With the growth of women's touring over the past 10 years many women are going for this option when planning their next adventure. Lives have been transformed by the small-group travelling environment of women-only touring and it's easy to see why the journey is just as important as the destination. One word – connection. Not only with people, places and their fellow travellers who often quickly become friends, but reconnecting with themselves. Most first-time travellers will come to Sisterhood Womens Travel as a solo traveller booking by themselves and this in itself is a brave decision. Women of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances come together with like-minded women in an encouraging and supportive environment connecting with others through amazing travel experiences and new friendships. We don't judge, we simply reconnect and inspire confidence and independence in women who, through life circumstances, may be lacking in these areas. Sisterhood Womens Travel encourages the community of women brought together for that one reason – connection.