The oldest cottages built in Whyalla


Steel city positioned between Spencer Gulf and the desert on Eyre Peninsula
It is hard to get excited about Whyalla. It is a steel city. Port Kembla or Newcastle on the Spencer Gulf. A large sad sort of place reddened, like a bruised eye, by the powdery iron ore which is blown over the city from the steelworks.

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The Church and the wheat silos at Kyancutta

Kyancutta - Places to See

Tiny wheatbelt town at the northern extremity of the Eyre Peninsula
Located 244 km west of Port Augusta on the Eyre Highway, Kyancutta is a tiny wheatbelt town which is notable only for its wheat silo and its position as the point where Highway One heads south to Port Lincoln. There is little to recommend Kyancutta which is now very close to being a ghost town sustained only by the passing motorists and the local wheat and sheep farmers. Looking at the town today it is hard to imagine that it once had an airport where flights between Adelaide and Perth stopped regularly. The airport closed down in 1935.

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The coastline north of Elliston

Elliston - Places to See

Attractive seaside town on the Eyre Peninsula
Elliston is a delightful seaside town located 169 km northwest of Port Lincoln and 641 km west of Adelaide via he Princes and Eyre Highways. Set between rolling and pleasant sheep and wheat country and some of the most interesting and dramatic coastline on the Eyre Peninsula the town has little of historical interest but is a pleasant place for fishing, swimming, surfing and walking along the rugged sandstone cliffs.

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The Wheat Silos at Cummins

Cummins - Places to See

A typical small Eyre Peninsula wheatbelt town
Located 644 km west of Adelaide via Port Augusta, 67 km north of Port Lincoln and 68 m above sea level, Cummins is a typical small Eyre Peninsula wheatbelt town. The features which characterise every Australian wheatbelt town - the bulk grain silos, the railhead, the solitary pub - inevitably define the town however, unlike most wheatbelt towns, Cummins has some beautiful stone houses as well as a modern flour mill. In fact the Cummins Flour Mill is the only flour mill still operating on the Eyre Peninsula. It can be inspected and visitors are welcome. Contact (08) 8686 2047.

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The Franklin Harbour Hotel

Cowell - Places to See

Small township on Franklin Harbour
The small harbourside township of Cowell is located 493 km northwest of Adelaide via Port Augusta. Situated on Franklin Harbour it is the service centre for a thriving jade industry as well as fishing, sheep and wheat.

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The main street of Cleve

Cleve - Places to See

Small wheatbelt service town on the Eyre Peninsula
The small township of Cleve is located 532 km west of Adelaide via the Princes and Eyre Highways, 226 km southwest of Port Augusta and 143 km north of Port Lincoln. It is a small service centre town located in a sheep and wheat growing area.

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Two Aborigines on the jetty at Ceduna

Ceduna - Places to See

Ceduna (including Denial Bay, Thevenard, Laura Bay and Smoky Bay)
Major town and port at the edge of the Great Australian Bight
In a very real sense Ceduna is the solitary major township on the eastern side of the Great Australian Bight. Some 1208 km to the west lies Norseman. Between these two towns are a couple of tiny settlements - Penong and Eucla - and a number of substantial roadhouses which provide all the necessary facilities - food, accommodation and fuel - for travellers journeying across the Nullarbor Plain. But, as far as the normal definition of a town is concerned, there is nothing between Ceduna and Norseman. In this sense Ceduna is very much the last easterly stop before entering the wastelands of the Nullarbor Plain and the vast flatlands which lie to the north of the Great Australian Bight.

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The wheat silos at Kimba

Kimba - Places to See

Kimba (including the Gawler Ranges)
Service town for the surrounding wheatbelt farming community
Kimba is located 263 m above sea level and 155 km west of Port Augusta on the Eyre Highway. It is a typical, larger-than-average, wheatbelt town existing to service the surrounding grain and sheep farms. Inevitably the townscape is dominated by the railway and the huge wheat silos.

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