The cliffs of the Great Australian Bightlie 200 km to hte west from Fowlers Bay

Fowlers Bay - Culture and History

Fowlers Bay (including Nundroo)
Isolated township which is popular with keen fishermen
Fowlers Bay is located on the edge of the lonely, isolated flatlands of the Nullarbor Plain between Ceduna and Nullarbor. It is at the eastern extremity of the Great Australian Bight some 1014 km west of Adelaide and 554 km northwest of Port Lincoln and is really nothing more than a very isolated haven for very keen fishermen.

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The open cut mine at Iron Monarch

Iron Baron - Fast Facts

Iron Baron
A modern iron ore company mining town on the Eyre Peninsula
Iron Baron is located 124 km southwest of Port Augusta and 436 km from Adelaide. It is part of a complex of iron ore mining operations lying to the west of Whyalla which includes Iron Knob, Iron Monarch, Iron Princess, Iron Prince, Iron Queen, Iron Chieftain, Iron Knight and Iron Duchess. Let's hope they don't find any more iron deposits in the region because they are fast running out of regal titles for the hills and mines.

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Looking over the original Iron Knob Mine with the township and Flinders Ranges in the background

Iron Knob - Places to See

Iron Knob (including Iron Monarch and Iron Princess)
Famous iron ore mining town
Iron Knob is located 68 km west of Port Augusta, 52 km northwest of Whyalla and 152 m above sea level in the heart of a semi-desert area (the annual rainfall is rarely more than 200mm) near the shores of the Spencer Gulf. It is not a particularly attractive town but what it lacks in savoir faire it makes up for in genuine interest. In recent years, as BHP have run their mining operations down in the area (there are now only 70 men working the mines at Iron Knob and Iron Monarch), the town (which was once administered by BHP) has been handed back to the local residents and they have had to deal with the complexities of local government and the establishment of revenue raising activities so that local services can be maintained.

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Kids walking off the jetty after swimming at Tumby Bay

Tumby Bay

Tumby Bay (including Koppio and the Tod River Reservoir)
Typical attractive and pleasant Eyre Peninsula holiday destination
The small and charming settlement of Tumby Bay is located 301 km west of Adelaide via the Princes and Lincoln Highways.

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Looking eastward from the Lookout which lies closest to the town of Nullabor

Border Village

Border Village
A stopover point which is ideal for access to the cliffs of the Great Australian Bight
Border Village, sometimes known rather commercially as BP Border Village, is nothing more than a service stopping point a few hundred metres from the border between South Australia and Western Australia. It is 1255 km west of Adelaide, 949 km west of Port Augusta and 885 km northwest of Port Lincoln.

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The windmills at Penong


Penong (including Cactus Beach)
Tiny township on the road across the Nullarbor Plain
The tiny township of Penong is located 73 km west of Ceduna, 543 km from Port Augusta and 854 km northwest of Adelaide. It is a small wheatbelt settlement which is characterised by literally dozens of windmills which pump the local water supply from a large underground basin.

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Old Plough, ruined house and trees in the wheatbelt near Port Neill

Port Neill

Port Neill
Small holiday town in beautiful area of white sands and aquamarine seas
Port Neill is basically a small holiday town located on the coast 264 km from Port Augusta and 576 km from Adelaide. It is located in an area of incredibly beautiful area of white sands and aquamarine seas. This is a town where people come to relax, to walk along the beach or swim, to fish and to have a holiday far removed from the pressures of more modern communities. The quiet beauty of the town and its easy laziness make it an ideal holiday location.

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the jetty at Arno Bay

Arno Bay

Tiny settlement on the Eyre Peninsula.

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