Fitzroy Island - Activities

Excellent bushwalking particularly to the lighthouse. Both swimming and snorkelling are available around the coast. There are four main walking trails on the island. (a) the secret garden - a pleasant 45 minute walk (return) through rainforest (b) Nudey Beach - a pleasant and easy walk to a quiet and peaceful beach through rainforest and coastal bush - 1.2 km - 45 minutes return (c) Lighthouse road - frighteningly steep road (it is concreted all the way) up to the island's modern lighthouse (built 1970). It is 3.6 km return (2 hours) but the views are spectacular and worth the effort (d) Summit trail - just below the lighthouse is the 1.5 km return walk to the summit. It offers even more spectacular views but is also very steep. Really for fit bushwalkers rather than day trippers.

Other activities
Diving, catamarans, Outer Reef trips.