Fitzroy Island - Fast Facts

Fitzroy Island
Little known but attractive island with excellent bushwalking
Fitzroy Island is a large continental island (ie. it was once part of the mainland and the area between the island and the coast was drowned after the last Ice age - 6,000 years ago). Today it has a small area given over to a resort. The vast majority of the island is a National Park .

A substantial island (339 hectares) which has been largely ignored by visitors to Cairns because of the more attractive options of Green Island (a coral cay) and Outer Reef journeys to reef platforms. It has a lot to offer and is sufficiently large and close to the mainland to have diverse vegetation and fauna. 25 km south east of Cairns.

Great Adventures, which operate from Cairns harbour, offer regular trips to the island. The cost (1/9/98) was $30.