Flight attendant's 'Toxic' performance of Britney Spears' video goes viral

A flight attendant's recreation of Britney Spear's iconic music video for the song 'Toxic'Β has been viewed more than 12 million times.

You know, the video set on a plane, where Britney dons attitude and a blue flight attendant's costume while gyrating over the drinks trolley, which earned a special place in the hearts and minds of imaginative young men everywhere back in 2003 when the song was released.

Although the video probably hasn't appealed to the same crowd, Assraf Nasir, a male flight attendant for Malaysia's AirAsia X airline, has had a crack at recreating the first few sassy scenes of the music video where Britney dances up and down the aisles of an aircraft before having a dalliance with a Prince Charming in the loo.

The video was posted online by a friend of Nasir's and subsequently went viral. Even AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes got in on the act, reposting the video to social media himself.

Although the video grabbed the attention of the masses, it failed to stir its original songstress, who was tagged in the post.

Spears is currently performing in Las Vegas, where you can view her original flight attendant costume behind a glass display at Planet Hollywood.

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