Flight Centre Turner Report 2017: Australians who travel the most revealed

The Australian suburb with the most well-travelled residents has been revealed in a new report.

According to new data from Flight Centre, residents from the affluent suburb of North Sydney – postcode 2060 – are the most travelled Australians in the country – they have the highest number of bookings and spend the most money while they're travelling.

The most popular destination for North Sydney residents is Britain, followed by stopover favourite Singapore and then Italy.

Other well-travelled postcodes include Werribee (3030) in Victoria, Brisbane City (4000), Caloundra in Queensland (4551), Rouse Hill in NSW (2155) and Wangara in WA (6065).

When it comes to states and territories, Northern Territorians are the most travelled residents of Australia.

According to the Flight Centre report, Northern Territorians each travel an average of 537.52 kilometres per person to reach their holiday destination.

People living in Australia's Capital Territory were the second most travelled, clocking up 525.65 kilometres per capita.

The report also found that Victorians travel more than New South Welshman, and Tasmanians travelled the least amount of anyone.

The Turner Report, named after the Flight Centre's SEO Graham "Skroo" Turner, taps into the company's database of customers, which is then used to explore Australian travel trends.


Information obtained from the report feeds into a dedicated online website that allows you to search for travel information based on postcodes.

Called Postcodes and Postcards: Australians on the Move in the Golden Age of Travel, you can find, for example, the top five locations people who live in Fitzroy, Victoria, travelled to (the US and Papua New Guinea were the top two), if they're travelling in a group or independently, and how much they are spending.

The report also gives other insights into travellers, such as which age group travels the most (25-29) and the most popular time of year to travel (December).

The average Australian traveller is reportedly a 47-year-old male who travels for 15 days.

Australia's most well-travelled suburbs

  1. North Sydney, NSW
  2. Campbelltown, NSW
  3. Wangara, WA
  4. Rouse Hill, NSW
  5. Werribee, VIC
  6. Cranbourne, VIC
  7. Liverpool, NSW
  8. Success, WA
  9. Gosford, NSW
  10. Mandurah, WA

Australia's biggest spenders on travel

  1. North Sydney, NSW
  2. Brisbane City, QLD
  3. Rouse Hill, NSW
  4. Wangara, WA
  5. Campbelltown, NSW
  6. Werribee, VIC
  7. Gosford, NSW
  8. Baulkham Hills, NSW
  9. Caloundra, QLD
  10. Liverpool, NSW

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