Flight of Fancy podcast: Bali - why everyone you should go (and why Australians love it so much)

What's the fascination with Bali? Why do Australians love it so much? 

This is one of our favourite holiday destinations, an island that seemingly appeals to pretty much everyone: to families and singles, to surfers and yoga practitioners, to party animals and the spiritually inclined. It's a place to go to relax, to have adventures, to have experiences, and to be inspired. It's tropical paradise. It's respite for body and soul.

And yet, one of our well-travelled panellists has never really been there. 

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, I'm joined by fellow travel writer Michael Gebicki and Sunday Life associate editor Genevieve Quigley, to talk about Bali. What makes this place so popular? Why do more Australians go there than just about anywhere else? What is there to do? What is there to see? And why do some people refuse to go there?

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