Flight of Fancy podcast: Can travelling heal a broken heart?

There's something about the act of travelling that seems conducive to healing a broken heart.

Why wallow in misery at home, the idea goes, when you could be out there seeing the world, having fun, experiencing new things, meeting new people, taking your mind off your failed relationship by doing something exciting?

We travel when we're broken-hearted. We hit the road. We figure a change of scenery will do us good. We travel to forget. We travel to start anew.

But is this actually a good idea? Does it really work? We'll find out.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, I chat to travel writer Ute Junker and The Sun Herald's gossip columist Amy Croffey about whether travel can actually cure a broken heart; the idea of taking off after a break-up and seeing the world instead of staying home and being miserable.

Is it a good idea? Does it really work? And if it does where do you go on these trips, and what do you do? Listen to find out.

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