Flight of Fancy podcast: Coming home blues - tips on how to deal when the holiday is over

It doesn't hit you immediately. 

To begin with, coming home from a long holiday is fun. It's great. You catch up with your friends and family. You do all those things you missed doing at home: you hang out at the beach, you go to the pub, you wake up and eat Vegemite on toast and watch six hours of cricket straight and you don't feel bad about it. 

Over time though, things change. This realisation creeps in that it's all over: the adventure, the excitement, the challenge. You remember all those reasons you left home in the first place. You discover that while you might have changed immensely during your last big holiday, everyone else back home just stayed the same.

Pretty soon you've got a full-blown case of the post-holiday blues.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, the Traveller.com.au podcast, host Ben Groundwater is joined by fellow travel writers Rob McFarland and Flip Byrnes to talk about the worst part of travel: when it all ends; when you get home from that grand journey and face up to your everyday routine, to your job, to your life. What are the signs you've got the blues? How do you deal with them? And how do you ensure you never get them again?

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