Flight of Fancy podcast: Cliched travel experiences that everyone must do

There's nothing adventurous or even particularly imaginative about going on a gondola ride in Venice. Everyone's doing it. Seriously – everyone is doing it. Just the same as everyone is visiting the Coliseum, everyone is climbing the Eiffel Tower, everyone is going to the Statue of Liberty, everyone is checking out Uluru, everyone is climbing the Harbour Bridge.

These are not inventive experiences. This is not the road less travelled. And yet, there's something to be said for unimaginative travel experiences. There's value in the corny attractions, in the clichéd ideas.

These are often things that have become popular for a reason: because they're interesting, because they're fun, because they're good. And on this episode of Flight of Fancy, we're going to talk about our favourites.

I'm joined by fellow travellers Ute Junker and Georgia Rickard to talk about some of the world's corniest travel experiences: about having your photo taken holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, about visiting the Taj Mahal, about walking the Great Wall of China, about going to a Full Moon Party in Thailand.

These are rites of passage. And they're popular because they're good. Right? Well, we'll find out.

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