Flight of Fancy podcast: Travel scams - have you ever been scammed?

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Every traveller gets scammed. Rookies get scammed, and experts get scammed. Sometimes it's for a lot, sometimes it's for very little, but the inevitability is that when you're travelling overseas, scams happen.

In this episode of "Flight of Fancy", the traveller.com.au podcast, we're talking about everything from dodgy cab drivers to more elaborate smuggling rings; dangerous situations to the seemingly innocuous. It's the guy who "just wants to practise" his English. Or the friendly tuk-tuk driver who wants you to visit his cousin's store. Or even the fake policeman who wants to slap you with an outrageous fine.

Flight of Fancy host Ben Groundwater is joined by two hardy travellers with very different experiences of scammers around the world. The first is Traveller writer Ute Junker, who, despite a wealth of experience flying solo on the road, has never been successfully swindled. And then there's travel filmmaker Tim Charody, whose long list of troubles include being held up at gunpoint in Mozambique, and being taken on a "free" tour of Bangkok by a friendly tuk-tuk driver.

These are experiences you'll recognise, and probably share. If you've travelled, you've been approached by a scammer. There's no doubt. There are some of us who can pick these swindlers from a mile away and know how to deal with them. However, there are others who get sucked in time and time again.

Every traveller gets scammed. It's just a case of how you deal with it.

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