Flight of Fancy podcast: The things that will surprise first-time visitors to Europe

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It's pretty easy to believe that you know Europe, even before you visit. You've seen the movies and TV shows, you've read the books, you've talked to friends who've already been. 

It's all about big-ticket attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Coliseum. It's all about festivals like Oktoberfest and the Running of the Bulls. It's all about up-tight Germans, well-dressed Italians, rude French waiters and whinging Poms.

Right? Well… Not really. The great thing about this ancient and diverse continent is that it continually surprises all visitors, but none more so than first-timers. There's so much about Europe that's misunderstood or exaggerated, so much that's different to what you would expect, and many of those things will inevitably be revealed on that first journey.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, host Ben Groundwater is joined by two experts in European travel, Ute Junker and Tim Charody, to find out what's so surprising about this ancient and perennially popular continent. Sure, the food is great – but it's also terrible. Europe is also nowhere near as dangerous as you're probably thinking it is. And those national stereotypes are way off.