Flight of Fancy podcast: Most difficult destinations to travel to - but are totally worth it

With great effort, they say, comes great reward. Most travellers could attest to that. The more you put into a holiday, the more you take out of it. The more research, the more time and the more energy you put into your trip, the better it will be.

That doesn't just go for the style of journey you take, but for the places you go to as well. Sometimes, the destinations that require the most work are the best. Sometimes the countries that are the hardest to get to, the ones that are most remote, the most dangerous, even the most expensive, are the ones that will provide the best experiences. 

Taking great effort to get to somewhere really does bring great reward.

On the latest episode of Flight of Fancy, the Traveller.com.au podcast, I chat to adventures Ute Junker and Tim Charody about some of the world's most difficult destinations to access, and why they're worth all the hassle. We're going as remote as the Arctic, as unstable as PNG, as frankly unheard of as Sao Tome and Principe. We're going to talk, not just how to get to these places, and how to survive – but what makes them worth all the trouble.

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Flight of Fancy is hosted by Ben Groundwater and produced by Annie Dang. This episode was recorded by Shannon Browning and mixed by Lap Phan.
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