Flight of Fancy podcast: Our biggest, craziest travel adventures

There's a saying that sports people love and that you often hear applied to other aspects of life, too: go hard, or go home. As in, don't be timid. Don't be afraid. Make it big or don't bother at all.

Can you apply that attitude to travel? Absolutely you can. Because there are small travel adventures, and then there are big travel adventures. There are those of us who are happy to just dip our toes into this big wide world and see what it feels like, and then there those who leap off a cliff and do a huge bomb dive into the experience.

Go hard, or go home. Go on a big adventure. Take flight on a possibly foolhardy escapade. Go on a huge, dangerous, crazy journey that will take you so far out of your comfort zone you won't even remember where that is. Or was.

There are travellers who do this, too. This week on Flight of Fancy, we're going to meet two of them, as I'm joined by Traveller writers and veteran adventurers David McGonigal and Flip Byrnes to head out on some big, dumb, wild adventures. We're going to hear what it's like to tackle something enormous, something daunting, something amazing – and we're also going to hear what happens when it all goes wrong.

This Flight of Fancy episode is hosted and produced by Ben Groundwater and mixed by Tim Mummery.

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