Flight of Fancy podcast: Six travel experiences to have before you die

You have to be careful with bucket lists. You have to make sure you don't become too obsessed with them, that you don't spend your travelling life trying to tick boxes rather than just have enjoyable experiences. Some of the real joys of travel are spontaneous. They're unexpected, unplanned.

That said though, there really are certain experiences that you strive for, and that you definitely should do. These are the absolutely highlights of the travel world, the places and activities that even seasoned travellers would put above all else. I'm talking unique, unforgettable, top-shelf experiences like trekking to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda, or spending a night exploring Tokyo. Things like working on a superyacht in France or doing a bar crawl in San Sebastian.

That's what the latest episode of Flight of Fancy, the Traveller.com.au podcast is all about - the absolute best of the best - the six experiences that travellers have to experience at least once in their lives.

Along with travel writers Rob McFarland and Georgia Rickard, we're each choosing two travel experiences that we've absolutely loved, the best of the best, and discussing why we love then and why you should also give them a shot.

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Flight of Fancy is hosted by Ben Groundwater and produced by Annie Dang. This episode was recorded by Shannon Browning and mixed by Lap Phan.
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