Flight of Fancy podcast: The best destinations to visit in 2020

No crystal balls were used in the making of this episode of Flight of Fancy. We didn't get out the tarot cards, or read the tea leaves. Nonetheless, we are trying our hands at a bit of fortune telling in this episode. Yes, it's time for Flight of Fancy's annual look ahead at where you should be travelling in 2020.

To talk about which destination are hot right now, I'm joined by two travellers known for criss-crossing the globe, travel writer Rob McFarland and filmmaker Tim Charody.

We'll be talking about destinations in Asia to Europe, to South American and beyond, and we have some surprising countries for this year's hot destinations – like Ethiopia, who'd have thought it would make it onto the list? As well as plenty of exciting ideas to get help you start planning this year's dream trip.

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This Flight of Fancy episode is guest hosted Ute Junker, produced by Annie Dang and mixed by Lap Phan.
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