Flight of Fancy podcast: The destinations we'll always love, no matter what

It's impossible to dislike New Zealand. Go ahead and try – you won't be able to. This is one of the greatest tourist destinations on the planet, a beautiful country filled with friendly people and good times.

Similarly, you will never get sick of Japan. You will never be turned off Canada. You will never be over Italy. You will never despise Hawaii.

These destinations are evergreen. They're long-time favourites of Australian travellers, and they're sure to be just as popular when we can pack the passports and head overseas once again. The question is, where to first? And what are you going to do when you get there?

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, host Ben Groundwater is joined by fellow adventurers Tim Charody and Ute Junker to get back in touch with some old friends. They're talking about the travel destinations that Australians love, and that we will always love. They're talking about our predictions for post-COVID joy, those spots that will be safest, friendliest and easiest, the ones we will always want to visit.

This Flight of Fancy episode is hosted by Ben Groundwater, produced by Annie Dang and mixed by Tim Mummery.
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