Flight of Fancy Podcast: The new rules of international travel

International travel is back. We're all able to move about the world once again, to embrace the travel experience, to fly and drive and wander and explore and do all those things we always loved. 

However, that it's not quite the same. International travel might be back, but we're still in the middle of a pandemic, and you can't just do exactly the same things you always used to.

In fact, in ways that are sometimes subtle and sometimes extreme, everything about travel has changed since COVID-19. How you plan your trips, what you pack for them, how you conduct yourself and even the way you get home now is different to the way it was pre-pandemic.

So, how do you travel in this new world? How do you make sure you follow your passion in a way that's as safe and as reliable as possible? On this episode of Flight of Fancy, I'm joined by fellow writers Rob McFarland and Belinda Jackson to take you travelling again – only, in the pandemic world. We're going to explain the whole process, and give advice on how best to tackle it.

This Flight of Fancy episode is hosted and produced by Ben Groundwater and mixed by Tim Mummery.

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