Flight of Fancy podcast: The perks and the pitfalls of Airbnb

What do you take with you when you go to stay at an Airbnb, or a similar holiday home or apartment rental? Clothes, yep. Food, most probably. Beach towels, maybe. But what about bed sheets? What about kitchen utensils? What about toilet paper and washing up liquid and even bin liners?

One of my guests on this episode of Flight of Fancy, Sheriden Rhodes, recently stayed in a home-share property and she was asked to bring all of those things, to supply those essentials herself. Which got us all thinking: is that right? Is that fair? What should we expect from this form of accommodation, a form that has no real rules, no agreed norms?

Hosts do what they like, and it's up to us to decide who to stay with. But it's not always that easy to figure everything out. What are the rules for home-share properties? What should you expect? What should hosts expect? What should you look out for in the listings? And what can you do if it all goes wrong?

Join me, Sheriden and home-share expert Simone Mathews, to find out.

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