Flight of Fancy podcast: The rules of packing - the you should (and shouldn't) pack

For travellers, this might just be the great leveller: packing. We all have to pack our bags before a trip away. We all have to decide what to take with us, and what to leave behind. We all have to find a way to stuff all of those things into a backpack or suitcase. And we all have to figure out how we're going to lug it all around. 

There's an art to packing for a holiday, a beautiful simplicity that even some of the most experienced travellers have yet to appreciate or master. Some of us still carry around the strangest and most pointless stuff. Some of us still unzip our bags in faraway climes and realise we've left something vital back at home. 

Packing, done right, is an immensely satisfying business. But how do you ensure you're doing it properly?

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, the Traveller.com.au podcast, I talk to Traveller editor Anthony Dennis and writer Rob McFarland about the art of packing. This is a practice that seems so straightforward, banal even, and yet you quickly find that everyone has their own approach, and everyone has their own opinion. 

What do you take? What do you leave behind? And why do some people still think folding their clothes is as good as rolling them?

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Flight of Fancy is hosted by Ben Groundwater and produced by Annie Dang. This episode was recorded by Shannon Browning and mixed by Lap Phan.
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