Flight of Fancy Podcast: The underrated European countries few people visit

There's no shame in wanting to visit a popular destination. Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam, Barcelona… these cities are famous for a reason. They're beautiful. They're amazing.

They're also, however, pretty crowded, and if you've been to Europe before, there's every chance you've already visited.

And in that case, it's time for somewhere new. It's time to branch out and look at destinations in Europe that have just as much to offer as those popular spots, only with a fraction of the crowds, and often at a fraction of the cost. We're talking countries you may not even be able to find on a map; regions that slip by unnoticed; cities that deserve a place in the European pantheon.

The likes of Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Hungary, Azerbaijan. Places to explore, to wander, to eat, drink, village-hop, road-trip and more. True adventures. Unique journeys. And all within reach.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy, I'm joined by Jarryd Salem and Kerry van der Jagt to take you off the beaten track. We're heading to Europe, though not to the Europe you might already know. We're going to talk about some of our favourite destinations that rarely make it onto people's itineraries, and tell you why you need to get to them now.

This Flight of Fancy episode is hosted and produced by Ben Groundwater and mixed by Tim Mummery.

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