Flight of Fancy podcast: The weird jobs we do to keep our travel dreams alive

You probably wouldn't dream of manning the front desk at a youth hostel in your home town, the same as you wouldn't dream of working as a fruit-picker, or a brickie's labourer, or washing dishes for a living. And yet there's something about the travel experience that makes all of this seem like a really good idea.

Travellers will do pretty much anything to continue living the dream overseas, any job no matter how menial, or boring, or occasionally bizarre. Some find themselves doing jobs they're grossly over-qualifying for. Some find themselves doing jobs they actually have no idea how to properly perform. And sometimes, some find themselves doing jobs that change their proper career paths and their lives forever.

On this episode of Flight of Fancy: the Traveller.com.au podcast, host Ben Groundwater is joined by former bus driver, house-keeper and cave guide Anne von Osterhausen, and former magazine editor, brickie's labourer and accountant Guy Mosel to talk about the weird and wonderful jobs that travellers find themselves doing when they're out on the road. They're talking everything from cleaning rooms to picking fruit, from hefting bricks to stomping grapes. The trio will also talk to someone who once dressed up as a cowboy and tending a bar.

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